Meet Seema Banda

Scema Banda

+ Seema‘s Story

seemaMs. Seema is a Self-directed, business-oriented legal professional, backed by excellent academics from world class Universities in the areas of legal and management. She holds 18 years of experience leading business operations and administering HR functions in various multicultural, multinational organizations.

She has experience in U.S. immigration/visa processing built on multiple earlier degrees and combined with an extensive background in HR administration and business operations leadership, Ms. Seema is well trained and knowledgeable in business law and international commerce and is a member of New York Bar council.

As a business-minded, strategic planner skilled in researching and interpreting case law and formulating sound legal remedies she consistently approaches problems creatively, works independently, and exercises prudent judgment while interpreting and clarifying legal issues.

Having worked with diverse populations and immigrated to the U.S, she is culturally sensitive and can easily develop rapport with a wide range of people. She strives to form collaborative relationships and instill confidence when determining needs and providing support, and guidance to assist clients and colleagues.